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The grapes are manually harvested in small containers to avoid spoilage and to presrve their maximum freshness.

White wine: White grapes are harvested early and their fermenattion occurs at controlled low temperatures in stainless steel containers.

After the grapes are harvested and chushed, the skins, pulp, and seeds are removed from the juice of the grapes prior to adding yeast. The juice is quickly cooled to low temperate (4-5░C) for 3-4 days to obtain a first sedimentation of suspended solid particles.. The resulting juice is decanted and placed in a stainless steel fermentor. Activated yeast is then added to the fermentor and the juice is allowed to ferment while keeping the temperature between 15 and 16░C for 10-15 days. After the fermentation is completed, the wine is decanted and then transferred to a clean container. By this procedure, every decantation and transfer corresponds to a fining procedure, i.e separation from sedimented particles. In our case, as result of the absence of sulfites, the malo-lactic fermentation occurs naturally. Fining was performed once every 2-3 months for 6-9 months The resulting wine was then bottled.

Red Wine
Red grapes are harvested manually, crushed, de-stemmed and placed in a stainless steel fermentor. The acidity of the grape juice is tested and adjusted to about 5.5 to about 6.5 g/liter. Activated yeast is then added to the fermentor and the solution is allowed to ferment at controlled temperature, ranging between 25░C and 30░C until most of the yeast cells and fine suspended material settled out, that is for 15/20 days. During this period of time, numerous racking are executed to extract high amount of sugars, natural polyphenol antioxidants, antocyanins, etc. After the fermentation is completed separation of the grape skins is accomplished, The wine is then filtered without disturbing the sediment or the yeast. Finally, The wine is stabilized, filtered, pasteurized and aged. The resulting red wine is then bottled.

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