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Stefano Astore
Director of Production

Francesco Matteuzzi

Intuition, entrepreneurship, technical  knowledge and experience. The winemaker of Caliscana Winery combines unique technical skills with great passion, experience and professionality, proposing himself as a genuine “wine artisan”.

Francesco Matteuzzi meets Caliscana in 2003 and since then it has been life-lasting love!
Born in Florence and graduated in 1988 at the Institute Tecnico Agrario “ B. Ricasoli” in Siena, the young Francesco starts his career as a wine expert, specialized in winemaking and viticulture. He gets a great start for his career immediately after school with the great Antinori Wineries in  Santa Cristina and Fattoria di Peppoli in Tuscany.

After only two years of winemaking campaigns with Antinori, completed with great success, Francesco is hired by “Gruppo Italiani Vini” in Siena, one of the largest wine organizations in Italy for wine production and trading, where he works for additional three years  from 1989 to 2002.

This is the period when Francesco perfects most of his winemaking experience, refines most of his technical skills and gains the numerous trade secrets of his winemaking art.

His numerous and diverse skills are so greatly appreciated by his colleagues to be appointed as supervisor of several wineries associated to his large organization, including overseeing the wine production of several wineries in the Chianti area, San Gimignano, Montalcino and Montepulciano, all the way to Maremma in the South of Tuscany.

In addition, Francesco expands his knowledge in wines and winemaking processes by traveling to other regions of Southern Italy, especially in Basilicata, in the Vulture area, where he expand his experience by creating numerous white and red wines.

In 2003, after a short period with a large winemaker in Tuscany, Cantina Borghi, Francesco decided to start his entrepreneurial career by taking over a small operation in San Gimignano, the Fattoria of Fugnano, and turning into a well established winery which exports wines all over the world. At the same time, Francesco and Caliscana decided to begin a new adventure to target worldwide opportunities by producing wines of superior quality  in Maremma.

At Caliscana, Francesco Matteuzzi is faithful to his spirit of curiosity and creativity by focusing upon new experimental technologies, with his innovative mind and the passion of a talented and experienced winemaker. He well encompasses  Caliscana’s  unique vision and approach to achieve new levels of winemaking perfection by combining the outmost respect for the quality of grapes with the most sophisticated technology and safety practices. Tradition and innovation are Francesco’s and Caliscana two main qualities.

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