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Our vignards, 25 hectars of grapes grown at the foothills of Caparbio, enjoy an great exposure to sunlight both during the winter and the summer time. Their exposure to the sea breeze of the Tirrenum sea also provides our wines with the typical salinitÓ of soils exposed to the oceans.

The use of autoctonuos and local root stocks together with the growing of new international grape varieties have provided Caliscana with a wide range of wines and wine blends. The grape varieties grown in our vignards include Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese as red grapes and Ansonica as white grapes. Ansonica is an autoctonous rootstock that grows only in the seaside region of souther Tuscany, Maremma, and yields an elegant wine with pale yellow color and fresh armonious fruity taste..

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